Washer Tournaments

The Greers Ferry Chamber of Commerce has scheduled 3 tournaments for 2006 at the West Side School on Greers Ferry Road, Hwy 92. Sign up for the tournaments will be from 10 a.m. to 10:45 a.m. Entry donation $20 per team.

Saturday, May 6th - Spring Fest

Saturday, June 10th - At the Heart of the Lake Hoopla Festival

Saturday, September 30th - Fall Fest


Winners May 6, 2006

1st Place $200 Kelly Verser & David McElroy
2nd Place $100 Lance Thompson & Jamie Hipp
3rd Place $40 Flint Bradford & Nick Escritt
4th Place $20 James Holley & Nick Stark

What the heck is a "Washer Tournament"?

The washer game consists of two 2 x 2 boards with a 3-inch round hole in the center placed 20 feet apart from whole to whole. The game is played by each person having four 2 3/4" washers. Each person throws their washers to the opposite board and the washer(s) closest to the hole scores. You play until someone scores at least 21. The scoring is similar to horseshoes.

This is a great game for all ages. It is one game that men, women and children can all play against each other and no one have a clear advantage therefore making it a wonderful, very competitive game for all.

So to answer the original question, a Washer Tournament is a tournament in which you bring your own partner. You and your partner will pay an entry donation of $20 per team. Your team name will be placed in a hat and randomly drawn and placed into a double elimination bracket. The tournament will progress until there is a winner.